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Advanced Carpet and Upholstery Protection

We use an advanced carpet protectant to help repel spills and stains to keep your carpet and upholstery healthy, clean, and fresh!

Benefits of our cleaning services

Regular carpet and air duct cleaning reduces indoor air pollutants in the home so you breathe easier. Double the life expectancy of your carpet life through a regular cleaning schedule.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products

Our cleaning products are baby and pet safe

We remove pet dander and oils from fabrics and furniture

We use thermal fogging for smoke odors

Improve the shine on your hardwood floors

Prevent long-term damage on your hardwood floors

Tile and wood floors dry in 10 minutes

Air ducts are scraped, not just blown out

Mitigation and Restoration Services

We understand the repercussions that water damage can have on a home and we will do everything we can to protect your personal belongings. Our technicians are friendly, professionally trained, and care about your needs. We will respond to your flooding as quickly as possible and guide you on what to do before we arrive.

Emergency Flood Response and Water Extraction

Water Damage Restoration

Structural Repairs

What you can expect from our mitigation and restoration services

After the water is extracted, wet carpet will be pulled up in order to dry the flooring underneath, and professional-grade drying fans and/or dehumidifiers will be left on the premises to accelerate the drying process. Moisture readings will be taken in water damaged areas throughout the mitigation process. We use an infrared camera to find hidden sources of moisture. This type of guided moisture measurement will lead us to the origin of the water intrusion and damaged areas. So there’s no guessing or trial and error – we find the exact location of water leaks.

After the mitigation process is complete, we can clean your carpet or other floors and restore your home and property. If you have mold in your home, we will complete an inspection, provide you with a report of the findings which will include the recommended procedures for mold remediation. During mold remediation we set up full containment with negative air pressure so that the rest of your home is safe during the mold clean up.

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